Account Mapping Programs Explained

The core function of account mapping is to collect all the relevant information you need to make a sale: the business prospect’s contact details, who the decision maker is, what the company’s turnover is, if they are an existing client or a new lead. Although this may seem like an administrative job, account mapping programs have become so advanced that no B2B business should go without it. Here’s why:

• Keep track of your database: Account mapping programs let you know which clients are buying, which companies will never be clients and why. Knowing which companies are spending gives you a competitive advantage so that you can get the biggest piece of the pie in your market.

• Target your direct clients:Sending your sales representatives to the wrong clients means you are wasting your resources and money. Account mapping programs are able to measure which clients you need to see and where your personnel should be giving their top sales pitches.

• Up-to-date prospect databases:These databases not only validate key contacts in your industry, but also keep track of new prospects. Today’s rapidly changing world means that new businesses are popping up daily and a continuously changing account mapping program keeps track of potential customers that would be interested in making use of your products and services.

Account mapping programs from The ALEA Group

The ALEA Group specialises in cradle-to-grave lead generation solutions. Their advanced account mapping programs sources new contacts and six-month recency. The company also follows up on leads so that your company can establish contact between your company and valuable leads. sFind out more about these account mapping programs in Canada by contacting us for account mapping services.