Are Your Web Visitors Converting into Qualified Leads and Sales?

Internet technology has made way for B2B lead generation to move online. With websites, search engines and social media tools dominating how we spend most of our time, businesses are starting to put more force behind their online lead generation efforts.

Since the dawn of search engines, people have been looking online for product and service information before ever connecting with a business in person. Building a professional web presence that positions your business as a solutions provider for your customers’ needs is the first step to generating online leads. The next step is to implement a sophisticated search engine optimization strategy to drive traffic to your website. But what happens after people land on your site? Converting those web visitors into qualified leads and sales is the true pay-off to having an online presence.

How a Web Visitor Conversion Program Helps Generate Leads

The concept of landing page conversion is used by marketers to generate online leads. Simply put, a landing page is a web page that visitors land on after clicking on a call-to-action link (whether it is a pay-per-click ad, banner ad or hyperlink from an email). In order for a landing page to work, it must have a Conversion Architecture strategy applied on the page.

Conversion Architecture, a widely used term in the world of Internet marketing, is the process of building a web presence with design and content components geared towards increasing the number of visitors that take action on the site. Here are some benefits of having a web visitor conversion program in place when it comes to online lead generation:

  • Provide visitors with the information they are looking for at the time of search
  • Free your visitors from having to sort through clutter to find relevant information
  • Funnel visitors through a path that brings them closer to a purchasing decision
  • Influence visitors to take action on the web page resulting in a potential lead

Why It’s Important to Track Web Visitor Behaviours

The only way to measure the success of any web visitor conversion program is by tracking the level of activity on your web properties. Empower your business with intelligence that will boost your online lead generation efforts. Tracking web visitor activity will help your business: