B2B Lead Generation-Quality vs. Quantity

Do you believe that lead generation is more about ‘quality’ than quantity? Surely, your experience and conversion rates must support that belief.

Volume doesn’t hurt provided your team is not wasting time chasing duplicate and cold/dead leads. There are so many lead generation services out there that would have you believe they have the magic formula to grow your customer base. You may be tempted to hire them or even invest in their ‘magical’ software. However, any successful B2B marketing company will tell you that demand generation is all about proper process and hard work. There are no short cuts; just tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

What’s your definition of lead? (Sometimes companies have different perspectives.) It is a prospective customer with a strong level of buying potential. Every business inquiry is not necessarily a lead because he/she may not be ready, able and willing to buy. (But they can be nurtured and developed into a lead.) Lead identification, lead progression (nurturing), lead distribution, lead scoring—you have to sign up for the full deal if you want to see sustained results.

CRM tools and sales automation are meant to help your marketing team tweak their strategies to enhance effectiveness; not to confuse them with numbers and complicated reporting. Why waste your budget on fancy software that provides meaningless metrics? It’s proper process and sales acceptance of leads that improves your outcomes.

Take for example the following case study in which Carl Watane, Sales Manager for a technology company, getconnected was seeking a new approach to expand their reach into the SMB market. Having heard about so much about the innovative Pull World of ALEA solution, he decided to incorporate it into his company’s lead generation efforts.

Here are the highlights of how the strategy was implemented, and the results:

  • Prospects rated “likely to buy” were posted daily as qualified leads on the company’s secure website to be previewed and followed up immediately by the sales teams.
  • Pull World of ALEA (a web-based, CRM-agnostic platform) enabled management and sales to easily control and monitor the follow-up and reporting process on a daily basis. The process of being scored on how quickly they reviewed, accepted and rated the leads’ quality and status proved to be highly motivating for the sales teams.
  • Being able to track leads back to the source in almost real-time allowed them to fine-tune their targeting and messaging on the fly increasing the program’s effectiveness.
  • The sales reps were happy to be in control of the process, have direct access to the leads portal and be able to provide feedback on lead quality. They responded enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.
  • Out of over 170 leads that were identified as warranting sales follow-up, only two were weak; in other words a phenomenal 98.8% lead acceptance rate!

The ALEA Group believes that connecting with qualified prospects is more than half the battle won. Building an appropriate leads funnel is therefore, critical to your business growth. Our B2B lead generation provides the high quality output which will boost your marketing efforts.

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