B2B Lead Generation Services

As business owners serving other businesses, we typically classify ourselves in the B2B space and often overlook the fact that ultimately, we are all people interacting with people. Our business customers and prospects are also individuals representing their business. B2B lead generation services that take cognizance of this are evolving to become more specialized and customer-centric in the tools, techniques and methodologies they offer.

Let’s take a look at some tried and tested B2B lead generation services and see how they are adapting to changing customer needs and the dynamics of business environments.

Telemarketing: There are so many varying theories about this one – “Don’t ever cold call”; “Cold calling is a MUST”; “Persistent cold calling is damaging”; and so on… First off, telemarketing and cold calling are not necessarily the same thing. With DNCL (Do Not Call List) regulations, growing competition and rapid increase of Internet based B2B marketing, telemarketing has become a very specialized, regulatory compliant lead generation mechanism. When planning your budget for B2B lead generation systems, talk to an experienced, full spectrum marketing consultancy that can help determine whether or not, and which aspects of telemarketing will work best for your business.

Appointment setting services: Ever had your sales team complain about being sent on a wild goose chase? Had a sales representative show up for an “appointment” where the prospect had no idea about the meeting? Or worse ? had a prospect call your office to ask why one of your sales team members had not kept an appointment? Appointment setting services, especially in the fast moving B2B lead generation space today, need to have a very thorough process from first call to follow-up, reminder and confirmation prior to the appointment. This attention to detail must involve both parties; the prospect and the sales person to ensure efficient use of everyone’s time, resources and money.

Feeding the Sales Funnel: Volume in B2B lead generation just isn’t enough anymore. Randomly collected business cards, broad based lead databases, unqualified email marketing lists, can all be a tremendous drain on your time and yield little or no results. Specific leads sourced from permission-based email marketing, member driven social media networks, calls to action on your business website and other Internet based lead generation techniques are inexpensive and deliver results. Of course, you still need to add numbers to feed your sales funnel, but a B2B lead generation service that offers comprehensive services covering online and offline lead gathering techniques will garner more bang for your buck.

Event marketing: Finding prospects at an event and converting them into customers is not a new B2B lead generation technique. What is new and evolving though, is the way an event is marketed so that only qualified prospects show up, creating the ideal opportunity for buyer and seller to meet. Online marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Landing Pages, Email Marketing, etc. are new and dynamically improving methods of event marketing that have revolutionized B2B lead generation.

Are you leveraging these advanced yet cost-effective lead generation techniques? Contact us to learn how you can do so!