Checklist for a Successful Online Event

Are you trying to set up an online event and looking for help on how to make it successful? Whether you are running a webinar, teleseminar, product launch, or any other marketing campaigns, you need to have a checklist to guide you through the process and keep you organized. If you need help, here is a checklist that you can personally use for your event.

First, create a landing page for your event. Come up with a strong selling point, explain the benefits of attending the event, use teasers to generate curiosity, and provide all the details. You want to make sure that the visitors sign up to your list so that they can be reminded of the date and time of your event and also get follow up messages from you.

Second, create a page with all the details about the event and allow registered users to share it with other people. Add social buttons, run a contest, or even compensate people for taking action and sharing your event. This will help you get more and more people to learn about the event and create a perpetual referral cycle.

Third, follow up with your users with great content. Once you have people sign up, don’t let sit idle until the last few days of the event. Give registered users valuable information that will help them. If people start realizing that there is value to be found, this will create anticipation for your event.

Fourth, prepare for your event and don’t wait until the last moment. Come up with an overview of what’s going to happen during your event, notes you can use to keep you on track, and have all the slides ready for presentation. You want to make sure that your online event goes smoothly so people stay tuned and want to absorb everything you have to say.

Fifth, provide the people that registered with a hand out. The hand out can be used as teasers and also a guide to what they will be learning or getting from the event. The hand out will help create anticipation and help people absorb and follow the information that is going to be shared in your online event.

Finally, build a promotion to launch your event. Think about what you can do to draw attention to your event. Maybe there are related sites in your industry where you can take out ads. Maybe it might be a good idea to find joint venture partners and compensate them in return for promoting your event to their audience.

Launching a successful event is not an easy job. The challenge here is that it is hard to try to divide your time between getting people to sign up and planning/launching the actual event. ALEA can help you make this job easier. Our event registration program has a solid track record of helping businesses and professionals plan and launch successful events.