Evaluating Lead Generation Services-Things to Consider

The goal of any lead generation process is to acquire qualified leads that can be converted into sales at a price that will generate profit. This is an ongoing process and quality leads will keep the wheels of customer acquisition and sales turning—moving data continuously up and down the pipeline.

Don’t confuse sudden bursts of activity (or spike marketing) with successful lead generation. There are as many ‘true’ lead generating strategies out there as the number of ‘expert’ lead generation services offering them. Sustained and successful B2B demand generation requires constant evaluation and refinement.

Here are some important points to consider while evaluating lead generation services:

Lead quality: Examine the service provider’s reporting material. Is it easy to understand? What are the total contact touches (per day/week/month) and are they consistent?

Software and automation is no substitute for a proper process: Don’t get carried away with the bells and whistles. While having the latest technology to generate ‘comprehensive data’ is a great advantage, how the information is classified is more important. That needs a proper lead qualifying, nurturing and scoring process and a professional touch.

Quantity vs. quality: Long lists don’t necessarily mean more sales. There could be duplicates in there. Take a closer look at the contact lists for accuracy and sources. Your sales funnel could be busy sorting out a jumbled mess of qualified and unqualified leads. It’s a waste of time, effort and resources and certainly not what you paid for. Quantity doesn’t hurt but finding the right balance between quantity and quality is key.

Communication: How often do you meet with your lead generation company and evaluate the results? Have they really understood your goals and objectives? Are they open to suggestions? Lead acquisition needs constant tweaking especially if it’s not yielding projected results. Remember that it is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Banking on social media: Social media is the new ‘buzz’ word in online advertising, but has it yielded any concrete results? It’s great to create brand awareness and tweet with your customers. However, the real question to ask is, how many business inquiries does it generate and how many of them pan out into sales?

Quality leads ascertain the real value of a lead generation service. A true business partner will function like an arm of your business making your goals their own.

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