Guide To Finding The Right Appointment Setting Company

Choosing the right appointment setting company is tough – there are call centres all over the United States that claim to set up “qualified leads”, but how do you keep track of your sales team, appointments and lead generation by outsourcing something as important as appointment setting? The ALEA Group, a full spectrum marketing company, gives this guide to follow in order to find the right appointment setting company:

Are they conveying authority?Selling cell phone contracts or free credit cards over the phone is very different to setting appointments over the phone. Test the company out and find out if they sound credible on an executive level.

Has the company worked in your industry? If the appointment setting company is going to be calling your prospective clients on your behalf, it’s essential that they have worked in this sector before. Telemarketers can cause embarrassment to your company if they don’t know how your industry works and what your service or products can mean for potential customers.

Can they make qualified appointments? Sending your sales representatives out to a large number of meetings costs irreplaceable time and money. You’re not looking to fill up calendars – you need high quality leads with decision makers so find out if the appointment setting company has some sort of performance tracking and report service so you can see how many appointments were actually worth your while.

Do they handle the logistics?Professional appointment setting services should provide the complete package when it comes to setting up meetings, such as scheduling meetings in your personnel’s calendars as well as the prospective client’s calendar, sending out a reminder as well as moving the appointment if somebody needs to reschedule.

How The ALEA Group can help you with Appointment Setting

The ALEA Group specialises in setting up high quality leads and their team of call center professionals can handle high volumes as well as all the logistics behind appointment setting. Outsourcing appointment setting allows your sales representatives to spend their time efficiently and effectively in front of your potential customers. Find out more about choosing the right appointment setting company by following The ALEA Group on Twitter and Facebook.