How an Effective SEO Strategy Aids in B2B Lead Generation

Creating brand awareness, enhancing brand reputation and building customer loyalty fall under the typical goals of a marketing strategy. But for the most part, the prime purpose of any marketing program is to meet the challenge of: how can I generate more leads for my business?

Quality vs. Quantity

Digital media tools such as social media optimization and mobile marketing are taking precedence among the pool of tactics marketers are leveraging. However, the practice of search engine optimization remains a viable method for B2B lead generation. The problem is, far too often, the success of an SEO program is determined by the quantity, rather than the quality of leads produced.

According to an excerpt from the 2010 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report by Marketing Sherpa, 24% of businesses said that SEO helped them generate a high quantity of low quality leads. Another 17% of respondents admitted to generating a low quantity of high quality leads through SEO. When it comes to converting those leads into customers, your sales team will agree that more leads aren’t necessarily better. Qualified leads are really what they need.

Why Your Business Needs a Sophisticated SEO Strategy

When done right, search engine optimization can drive qualified leads to your web presence at the right time. SEO is more than just stuffing keywords onto a web page in the hope that the search engines will render the site on the front page. A sophisticated SEO strategy involves extensive customer profiling, in-depth keyword research, producing compelling content targeted specifically for your audience and inserting meaningful calls-to-action in the right places.

Quick Tips to Remember When Using SEO to Generate Leads

Tip 1: Profile Your Customers – You can’t attract leads to your business without a thorough understanding of who they are. Customer profiling, which involves researching their demographics, needs and interests (specifically why they would purchase from your business), is critical to tackle before defining an SEO strategy, or any marketing campaign for that matter.

Tip 2: Learn What They Are Searching For – Using advanced keyword research methods and the right consultant to decipher that data can help shed light on the types of questions (related to your industry) that people are searching online to answer. Understanding this will set the stage for the compelling content that will need to be produced for your SEO strategy to deliver results.

Tip 3: Write to Meet Your Customers’ Needs – Once you understand what your audience is looking for when searching online, you need to generate useful content to answer their questions. Let’s say for example, you own an office automation business and research reveals that customers are searching online using the terms “energy saving printers”. You could produce SEO content about exactly that topic. Keep in mind the copy should be educational and helpful, not “pitchy”.

The B2B lead generation knowledge and expertise of The ALEA Group coupled with the SEO prowess of WSI, can increase the number of quality leads attracted to your business online. We combine the technical best practices of SEO with proven content marketing strategies to help companies enhance their B2B lead generation results. Call or contact us online for a free, no obligation SEO consultation.