How Powerful Is Content Marketing?

You’re already familiar with the fact that most B2B leaders have increased their marketing budgets to include content marketing.

So does this mean content marketing will override traditional advertising in the near future?

In this recent infographic by Marketo, we are introduced to new statistics that highlight the following points: how today’s companies are utilizing content marketing campaigns; which sites they use to distribute content; and how much money companies are spending on content marketing.

I invite you to consider the key statistics below from Marketo’s infographic, “Is Content Marketing Traditional Advertising’s New Rival?”

How are companies utilizing content marketing?

According to Marketo, most companies are applying these five content marketing tactics:

  1. Social media (does not include blog posts) – 79%
  2. Articles – 78%
  3. Events (in-person) – 62%
  4. E-newsletters – 61%
  5. Case examples/studies – 55%

Did you know that companies with 1,000+ employed individuals generally use 9 strategies for content marketing? On the other hand, companies with fewer than 10 employees tend to use 6 strategies.

New stats you should know

  • Marketo reports that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most common sites used to distribute content marketing. The percentages of businesses that use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are 55%, 54% and 51% respectively.
  • 36% of businesses still struggle to create content that’s engaging to their customers.
  • Only 9% of businesses struggle to build an assortment of content.
  • In the next year, 51% of companies will experience a rise in their content marketing budgets.
  • In particular, 45% of companies will increase their in-house content marketing budgets; 3% of companies will increase their outsourcing budgets for content marketing purposes.

Note: the average company allocates 26% of their marketing budget to content marketing. It costs approximately $78,600 to create content marketing, and $301,000 to circulate content marketing campaigns.

Note the top 4 benefits of content marketing

If you are still unsure about the benefits of content marketing, here are four reasons why you should consider it now:

  1. Content marketing builds trust between your company and your customers.
  2. It boosts lead generation.
  3. It enhances lead nurturing.
  4. Content marketing encourages prospects to engage with your company’s content.

Click the image below to view the full infographic. Who do you think would win a boxing match – content marketing or traditional advertising? I’m looking forward to reading your comments.