Interesting Infographics: How Does Social Media Leave A Footprint On Your Business?

As you know, B2B leaders must reassess their marketing campaigns to include social media. But do you really understand the impact social media has on your bottom line?

In this infographic by somemto, research has been compiled to reveal the power social media has over your B2B business. For example, did you know over 50% of marketers believe social media is responsible for boosting their sales? Also, the infographic shows that 60% of online shoppers provide feedback on their purchases through social media.

Thus, it’s no surprise that social media tends to double marketing leads, unlike trade shows and direct mail. With that, I invite you to review some of the data somemto has featured in their infographic:

Quick Review of Social Media Users

  • Facebook accounts have been created by 85% of Internet users.
  • 49% of Internet users own a Twitter account. Note: Internet users between 55 and 64 years old are increasing their engagement with Twitter.
    Social media websites are utilized by 84% of online purchasers.
  • Social networks are used by 74% of customers to help make purchasing decisions.

Top 3 Networking Sites That Drove Results in 2013:

According to the infographic, 52% of marketers gained new customers through Facebook; 43% through LinkedIn; and 36% via Twitter. In particular, businesses from the following industries utilized Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to attain new customers:

  • Retail/Wholesale:

    • Facebook (73%)
    • LinkedIn (19%)
    • Twitter (40%)
  • Hardware Technology:

    • Facebook (45%)
    • LinkedIn (44%)
    • Twitter (50%)
  • Take note: Blogs are still necessary in your marketing campaign, as 57% of companies continue to find new customers through blog posts.

    View the full infographic for more details, including the percentage of social media usage in Turkey, Ireland, Italy and Finland. What have you learned from these social media marketing statistics? Let me know in the comment box below.