Sales and Marketing Automation – Know What It CAN and CANNOT Do

Marketing automation is not the magic formula that will increase sales! How many times have we been warned about using it wisely and not becoming technology dependent? Sales automation tools are great to have provided you’re in the driver’s seat. That means knowing how to interpret the information that is generated in order to qualify leads correctly and strike when the iron is hot.

Customer needs and behaviour are in a constant state of flux. A flexible attitude and targeted approach achieves results. Every client wants personalized service and this involves getting to know your customer offline. Even the most advanced marketing automation technology cannot make this happen.

Sales and marketing automation is a means to an end. Knowing what’s possible and what’s not makes all the difference.

What it can do:

  • Automate marketing activities such as gather information, classify data, measure results
  • Capture and highlight buyer signals and preferences
  • Convey level of customer interest
  • Simplify and make your processes more organized and efficient
  • Rev up your sales process

What it can’t do:

  • Establish goals, plan and tweak strategies to achieve them
  • Provide customer engagement strategies
  • Guide you on how to communicate with customers at various levels of the sales process
  • Close more deals
  • Do all the work for you

Many companies are investing heavily in marketing automation to increase effectiveness and reduce lead generation costs. However, as a recent report by Forrester Research on B2B marketing automation aptly points out; you must determine where you want the technology to take you and if the existing process is ready for the next big step. In other words, make a proper plan.M

The MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report indicates that the closing rate for qualified leads is higher (In the software sector its three times higher than other leads). What does this mean for you? Technology and CRM tools are great enablers provided they’re combined with an involved, engaged, person-driven lead nurturing, lead qualification and lead conversion process.

Pushing more leads into your sales funnel is not the formula for success. Proper process, planning and preparation definitely are! So use sales and marketing automation correctly. Give it data to work with and use the outcome to meet your B2B demand generation and conversion goals.

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