Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation-Mistakes to Avoid

The Internet has transformed lives in so many ways. For a business, it goes without saying that if your customers are spending more time researching and buying online, that’s where your leads are too.

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase brand awareness and B2B demand generation cannot be stressed enough. ‘Being found’ in the top of the SERP (search engine result page) of major search engines like Google and Yahoo can make or break your business.

Much has been written about how SEO is the foundation on which to build an organization’s Internet marketing initiatives. One also knows the benefits of geo-targeted campaigns to encourage B2B lead generation. What’s often underplayed or forgotten, however, is the importance of linking your SEO strategies with your offline lead generation geo-enhanced plays to deliver greater conversion.

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid:

1. Not optimizing your website: An optimized website is the ideal way to lower your customer acquisition costs and achieve sustained results. Without this, even a big budget will soon run out. This doesn’t mean repeating keywords over and over again on your web pages but using them purposefully, like in your title tags and descriptions as well. Did you know that Google has expanded the way it shows site links in the search results to include this information? Many companies don’t know how to do this the right way; make sure YOU do. Or leave this to the online lead generation professionals assisting your business.

2. Ill-defined keyword strategy: Do you have a keyword strategy? Improving your keyword relevance not only brings more hits (than misses) but also improves your bottom line. SEO for successful B2B marketing involves smart strategies. A mixture of a competitive keyword phrase and many more long-tail phrases (that are less competitive) will increase qualified visitors and achieve top rankings quicker than vying for an existing, highly competitive one.

3. Paying for the top spot: How long are you going to pay to stay at the top? Organic listings may take longer but achieve long term results. Heavy reliance on Pay-Per-Click advertising (Google Adwords) and Banner Ads will drive up your cost. While it’s a quick way to gain attention and generate leads or brand awareness, properly managed SEO brings more qualified leads per dollar over a period of time.

4. Not knowing your competition: Can you imagine setting up a business without knowing who your competitors are? It’s financial suicide! Why should online marketing be any different? Knowledge is power, so know what your competition is up to. Understand what’s working for them and what’s not and then devise your own strategies to stay ahead of the pack.

5. Absence of proper measurement tools: There is a big difference between the number of visitors and qualified leads. Do you have the right mechanisms in place to analyze visits and track the quality of visitors? Having properly defined goals e.g. sign up for e-mail updates, download a white paper, register for a webinar, etc. improves the conversion cycle. Google Analytics is a free resource that companies can use and there are many ways the reports can be customized to show you not just the number of visitors but the source of leads, visitor behaviour and conversion rates.

Having well-defined goals and following proven SEO strategies will bring you closer to achieving these goals. SEO has become the main focus of B2B advertising and marketing today. With so many customers online there is no ignoring the ‘quality’ lead generation potential there.

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