Successful Demand Generation…How to Pick a Vendor

Most businesses are well aware of the huge impact of successful demand generation on market share and profits. This means your competitors are also using effective demand and lead generation strategies to establish their brand value and attract customers. So how do you establish a strong presence? By identifying the hot leads and sealing the deal before anyone else does. Once again having a ‘head start’ makes all the difference. So choose your demand generator carefully and ensure that your money is well spent.

How to pick a demand generation vendor?

Examine their track record and process: Results quantify success. So make sure you’re earning maximum ROI. If you want the best results, you’ll want to be certain that your demand generator can deliver the goods. Reputation and experience are key, as is an effective process. Be sure to ask about their lead generation and management strategies. Do they nurture home grown leads or just churn out lists?

Technology vs. experienced professionals: Advanced technology boosts your efforts but doesn’t have enough steam to stand alone. There is no substitute for experienced people. Effective demand generation and conversion comes from skilled marketers who know how to use the latest automation to their advantage. Don’t let cutting-edge software be the sole determinant.

How current are they: Do they qualify leads or are they just pushing numbers your way? How often are their lists updated? Here’s where technology plays the lead role. Find out whether they are able to track, measure and analyse prospects effectively. You don’t want your sales team sifting through half-baked leads in order to get to the hot prospects. Ripe fruit has a short lifespan and your returns depend on getting to it on time.

Are they proposing a marathon or a sprint: Demand generation is a sustained and continuous process; that’s why most spike marketing campaigns fail to produce tangible results. If your demand generator is offering a short cut, understand that the results will likely be short-lived too. Beware of spike marketing! Establishing value and generating interest is like running a marathon — it’s hard work, takes time, requires a practiced technique and a proven process.

Do they encourage collaboration in your outbound and inbound marketing: Both teams must share information and allow open communication if you want to see optimum results. The goal is the same so why not pool forces and unite resources and efforts?

The importance of B2b teleprospecting and lead generation has led to numerous demand generation companies setting up shop overnight. Cutting-edge software also makes it very easy. You want to make sure that your demand generator has the expertise your business demands. Or else it’s money (and leads!) down the drain.