Tips for Choosing the Right Appointment Setting Provider

When it comes to B2B lead generation and specifically appointment setting, it’s best to leave these tasks in the hands of a trusted partner. This way, your sales team can focus on what really brings profitability to your business – converting those qualified leads into sales.

With so many lead generation providers and appointment setting services at your disposal, how can you ensure you are selecting the right partner? Here are a few tips to consider when choosing to work with an appointment setting provider:

Tip 1: Do they take the time to understand my ideal customer?
A good lead generation supplier will sit down with you to discuss your customer profile and gain a better understanding of your ideal customer. This will help them identify who would be considered a qualified lead to your business. It’s also important that they understand any industry specialties you have and the regions you want to cover.

Tip 2: Do they work with a high quality list?
Whether your list comes from an appointment setter or purchased from an external list provider, make sure the list contains your target profile, including their industry, average gross revenue, decision maker contact details and any other information you need for a qualified lead. Be sure to ask if the list contains up-to-date information and how often the details get updated.

Tip 3: Do they have customized messaging and scripts?
Every business is unique and the same script format won’t work for all businesses. That’s why an experienced appointment setting provider will take the time to understand your business and customize a message that speaks to your prospects. In the early stages of the lead generation program, they will also evaluate the effectiveness of the script and fine tune it to continue achieving better results.

Tip 4: Do they have an appointment notification system in place?
Before working with any appointment setter, make sure you understand how their lead notification and appointment setting platform works. Is there a lead portal where you can easily access lead information at any time? Do they have access to your calendar in order to book appointments that don’t conflict with each other? If a booked appointment gets cancelled, will the provider arrange for the appointment to be rescheduled? These are all questions you need to get answered.

Tip 5: Do they have a team of experienced call center professionals?
A key factor to the success of an appointment setting effort is the voice on the other end of the line, speaking to your potential leads. When evaluating suppliers, businesses often examine the cost per appointment, the lead portal technology and the lead information available. Sometimes businesses forget to ask whether the call center staff is right for the job. Make sure you choose to work with a supplier that has a team of experienced call center professionals who understand your industry, your business, your products and services and who would be considered a qualified lead.

Overall, choosing the right appointment setting provider isn’t an easy task. Since you are investing money into working with a supplier, there are several factors that have to be examined to ensure you choose a trusted partner.

The ALEA Group has years of experience providing B2B lead generation and appointment setting services to companies of all sizes and industries. Our team of professionals speaking to your potential leads could be what seals the deal when it comes to booking qualified appointments for your business.

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