ALEA’s Web Visitor Conversion Optimization Program

– Your window to the world of online lead generation

The future of B2B demand generation lies in inbound marketing. Web visitor conversion optimization can help bridge the growing gap between online visits and sales conversions.

Lack of relevant data and inability to capture, segment and identify prospects are the main reasons for the break in the demand generation loop. Web visitor tracking provides all the information you need to convert anonymous visits into loyal customers.

The ALEA Group offers expertise in demand generation acceleration, lead management and CRM. For over 18 years, our result-driven approach and proven lead generation strategies have helped businesses across North America increase their customer base and revenue significantly.

ALEA’s Web Visitor Conversion Optimization Program gets results because we promote a proactive rather than a reactive approach. Our advanced web visitor tracking tool is like a magic window to the world of online users.

Here’s how it will enhance your contact acquisition strategies:

Web Visitor Tracking and Conversion

– Carries You Through The Last Mile

ALEA’s web visitor conversion optimization program gives a vital boost to your customer acquisition strategies. We employ cutting-edge technology to process data in real time. By collecting information directly from the browser, filtering out dead records and integrating CRM with other business databases, we literally carry you through the last mile.

Our web visitor conversion optimization features include…

Are you looking to establish a steady source of new leads and build a strong database of qualified prospects? Shorten your sales process with ALEA’s web visitor conversion optimization program and increase your ROI.

Contact us for web visitor conversion optimization to reduce gaps in demand generation and sales.

Exceeding Expectations

We are a Technology Solutions company and outbound telemarketing is best left to the professionals. ALEA is the answer.
- CEO, Security and Identity Management Solutions Company

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